Dorchester Ballet and Dance

By Good Fundraising

Together with the highest quality teaching and a brilliant track record reaching back as far as 1958, it is the ethos of Dorchester Ballet & Dance that makes it stand out from other dance schools. They are truly inclusive and believe in bringing dance to all regardless of age, wealth or ability. This is achieved through affordable fee packages and the repurposing of costumes and redistribution of footwear and clothing. It is a pleasure to be supporting Dorchester Ballet and Dance as they embark on an ambitious capital development project that will result in a new, purpose-built facility that is fully accessible with two dance studios and designed to meet the needs of the community. Having developed the fundraising plan for this project and mentored the project team, Good Fundraising is embarking on a campaign of applications to trusts and foundations that will raise the funds necessary to turn their vision into a reality.

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