Barnsley Museums and Heritage Trust – Worsbrough Wetlands

By Good Fundraising

Working alongside Barnsley Museums and Heritage Trust, Good Fundraising helped to raise £99,400 to carry out the vital work required to restore the habitat and improve the site for visitors.

Worsbrough Country Park is located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and part of the Barnsley Museums and Heritage Trust (BMHT). The park provides a haven for wildlife and a rich habitat for a number of endangered species.

Set within 240 acres of meadows, woodland and a 60-acre reservoir, this beautiful park is a vital asset to visitors and the local community and the perfect natural retreat for families to enjoy the footpaths and cycle paths.

However, Worsbrough Country Park had deteriorated over time due to lack of funds and as a result, lost its Green Flag status.

Worsbrough Country Park

Vital Funds Raised

In response, the charity engaged with Good Fundraising to help raise much-needed funds to carry out vital work to restore the habitat for its natural residents and improve the site for visitors.

Working closely with BMHT, Cath Longley of Good Fundraising set out to raise enough money to be able to launch a new program of work in line with the improvements that were needed. The total funds successfully raised amounted to £99,400.

Essential Works and Supporting Local Community

The money raised has gone directly into purchasing materials to carry out essential works and supporting the network of local volunteers through training, providing people with new skills.

Much of the work will be carried out by the local volunteers under the guidance of specialist conservation experts. The army of volunteers includes young people with disabilities, veterans suffering from mental health issues and isolation, and families new to the area that may face cultural or language barriers.

Not only do the volunteers have the chance to learn new skills such as coppicing, hedgerow management and willow planting, they also benefit from learning about the natural environment within their local area.

These improvements have already gone a long way to improving Worsbrough Country Park and will leave behind a natural legacy for generations to come.

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